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Healthy Eating Policy

Nursery Care in Luton

As a Nursery Care provider, we believe in promoting healthy eating and active lifestyle for children as we understand how important it is for a child to learn habits and behaviour of a healthy lifestyle, please see our healthy eating policy below. 

Healthy Eating: Welcome

Health and Nutrition

Tiny Cubs Nursery are passionate about healthy and active lifestyles. Changing habits and behaviours  of children at a young age is key. Therefore, we follow guidelines that help children develop healthy habits from the very start.


We at Tiny Cubs Nursery aims to adhere to the Department of Health, Physical Activity guidelines for under 5s, where all walkers should be physically active for 180 minutes each day. We practice Purposeful Physical Play, where children’s physical development is expanded and developed through their physical skills.


We promote physical activity at nursery to support, children’s running, jogging, or walking- at their own pace- in the fresh air with their friends for 15 minutes. It helps improves fitness, achieves a healthy weight, and encourages children to be aware of their health.

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Healthy Eating: About Us

If you are looking for a Nursery Care in Luton, contact Tiny Cubs Nursery on 074275 24918 or email us at

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